King Shaka International Airport


King Shaka International Airport is situated within South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province – a holiday mecca as well as a primary business destination. There are multiple heavy and light industries situated here as well as extensive business and retail premises. Holidaymakers flock here for the balmy weather and abundance of golden beaches, while business travellers pursue business interests and frequent Durban’s convention hub.

The airport is situated 30 km from the Durban CBD and was built to handle 7,5 million passengers per annum. The airport opened In May 2010 with the first phase of development, the terminal buildings, complete Office and industrial developments have been concluded. In partnership with the DubE Trade Port authorities, almost 1000 ha of potential future commercial development spare has been identified.

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Development Opportunities

Airports Company South Africa has 56 000 m2 of prime land available for commercial mixed land use developments adjacent to the King Shall International Airport In Dube City - first phase enabled.

The world-class business and leasure centre lends Itself to mixed land use, including office, hotel, conference, entertainment, retail and knowledge-intensive activities. Its overall layout and design incompasses pedestrian-friendly zones, a tree-lined boulevard, dedicated cycle lanes and open spaces.

Next phase - future developments:

Dube Tradeport occupies a 2 840 ha 'Greenfield' site 30 km north of Durban. Dube Tradeport is a 60-year master-planned, world class airfreight and passenger hub comprising four business zones.

It was designed to create a highly competitive business-operating environment In four zones namely Dube Trade Zone, Dube City, Dube Cargo and Dube Agrizone. It forms the foundation of a purpose planned industrial estate linked directly to King Shaka International Airport.